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01 Dec - 15 Apr

Minimum for booking: 2 persons

Duration: 3 hours

Snowmobiles are a fantastic experience for you in Rovaniemi.

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This snowmobile safari is specialized for families with little children. We will go for the ride through the forest trails around the Santa Claus Village area, where parents can ride their own snowmobile meanwhile the children are travelling in a sleigh. After adult-snowmobiling, it is time for the children to have more fun. We arrive at a special location, where it is safe for children to ride on their own, on a mini-snowmobile. Riding the mini-snowmobile is suitable for children up to 11 — 12 years old.

  • We will enjoy a picnic where everyone can grill sausages and enjoy Lappish berry juice
  • Children over 140 cm in height are allowed to sit on the snowmobile when paying the adult price
  • For all the activities including snowmobiling we ask you to take your driving licenses with you. Also copy and photos are suitable


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Duration of the program is 3 hours, including preparations.

  • Return transfers from Rovaniemi city centre hotels
  • Short stops throughout the tour to take photos of the beautiful scenery
  • Snowmobile driving includes instructions and a safety briefing. Two adults ride on one snowmobile. The riding time on snowmobiles is approximately 1 hour and 30 – 40 minutes
  • A mini-snowmobile ride for children in a safe area (5 – 10 minutes) and a bonfire picnic with grilled sausages and hot Lappish berry juice. The duration of these activities is 1 hour
  • Guidance is in English, other languages on request


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Safari participants are held liable for damages caused to snowmobiles. The maximum amount of it is 900 €.

  • The driver of a snowmobile has to be at least 15 years old and hold a valid driver license – A1, T, A or B category (please check that it is valid in Finland!)
  • Warm clothes are included in the price
  • Family-friendly tour


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