As a tour operator, we at Helios Tour, are committed to the principles of sustainable tourism and we want to promote the business of sustainable development through our own activities. We understand that sustainable tourism is the future and will increasingly influence both the choices of tourists and the choices of partners in the future. We set our own goals so that we can achieve both the Sustainable Travel Finland program mark and the sustainable tourism certificate Travelife certifies, which is specifically aimed at tour operators.

We will update this page about our steps towards sustainable tourism.

Elena Arkhipova, CEO, Helios Tour


Good to know for tourists

So far, we have managed to keep our nature very clean. It is free for everyone to enjoy, but this freedom also comes with responsibilities. The most important principle is that everyone removes their rubbish from nature. Also familiarize yourself with everyman’s rights and the responsibilities they come with! Remember that everyman’s rights are not valid in protected areas.

Please only take what you intend to eat from the buffets at your accommodations and restaurants. This reduces food waste. You can also preserve nature by returning bottles and cans to the grocery-store, since Finland has an easy-to-use bottle recycling system. Nature and your wallet will thank you!

During your stay, you may notice that our waters are flowing wildly, and lakes in the wilderness are clean and numerous. Nevertheless, please use water sparingly. You can also preserve nature by following the instructions of your accommodation regarding ventilation, heating and using the sauna.

And finally, the most important piece of advice:
Enjoy your visit! You are warmly welcome to our clean and safe land of national parks.

Camping, weather and safety

Good to know for tourists

Please build a fire only on official, designated spots. Use firewood sparingly and do not cut off natural branches or trees. During a forest fire warning, making an open fire is prohibited.

On the road, you may encounter a herd of reindeer. Please remember that stopping to admire the sight and take pictures can cause hazards, so please avoid doing so. Continue your journey as soon as the situation allows.

Please only stop at official resting points on your trip in order to protect the environment. Resting points often have toilets and other services.

Use technology in the wilderness as well! Download the 112 emergency call application,
and make sure your phone’s battery is sufficiently charged.


Here you can read extra information

We have got a lot of activities to offer! Contact the service provider and make sure that the skill requirement of the activity suits you. You can ask about suitable clothing and the possibility to rent equipment and gear for northern conditions.

Stay on marked routes to ensure your safety and to preserve nature. Please respect all other travelers on trails, roads, and cycle and pedestrian paths.

The location and equipment matter. By choosing the correct location in relation to your equipment, you’re also ensuring an enjoyable experience for yourself. For example, the condition of cross-country ski-trails is a safety issue, which is why it is forbidden to walk or ride a bicycle on these trails in winter.


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