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01 Dec – 01 Apr

Minimum for booking: 2 persons

Duration: 3 hours

Welcome to Sierijärvi Reindeer farm!


Tours are suitable for everybody

The reindeer is an icon of Finnish Lapland, and there’s a good reason for that: the number of reindeer in the province roughly equals that of people. So, when in Rome… jump on a sleigh and ride them like Santa! Reindeer sleigh rides are a popular way to get close to the fabled animal.

  • Lapland’s exotic charisma in a visual nutshell

  • When in Lapland – any time of year – not spotting a reindeer is close to a miracle, as they often feed close to roads and dwellings. Spotting them while skiing is not unusual, either


Must-have activity in Rovaniemi

An eco-friendly holiday activity at its best! The sleigh ride is not a tourism industry innovation, but an ancient Sámi way of getting around. Rides usually last from 10 minutes to a few hours. Speeds stay moderate, which makes them suitable for all ages. A reindeer ride is rather something of a spiritual journey; gliding through a snowy forest in a wooden sleigh IS that magical experience travel agents keep trying to sell you.


Reindeers are waiting for you!

Reindeer are semi-domesticated, and each and every animal is owned by a herder. In Northern Lapland, reindeer husbandry is still a major source of income for many. Twice a year, all reindeer are rounded up for earmarking and counting heads. Lasting for several days, the event definitely does not lack in action.

Reindeer Safaris is one of the most interesting events in Northern Lapland! Reindeer herders are joking – we have three distances: 500 meters, 5 kilometers, and 2 weeks. Choose what suits you best! With Helios Tour Ltd. you can try any of the options!


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