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From €95 per adult/double

01 Dec - 15 Apr

Minimum for booking: 2 persons

Duration: 3 hours

Snowmobiles are fantastic experience for you in Rovaniemi.


Tours are suitable for everybody

Snowmobiling is sort of like riding a motorcycle on snow, and many would argue a lot more fun. Driving through a silvery forest on a beast of a machine gives a rush that gets people hooked. The wintry wilderness is every bit as magical as stories make it out to be, and a roaring engine between your legs brings a whole new aspect to entering it. Whisking through snowy scenery is accessible during all six winter months, but the most favoured time is the spring with long sunny days that bring out the best of the immense natural beauty along the routes.

  • Each snowmobile is allowed to have one passenger, but there’s room for more when a sled is attached
  • Families and groups of friends travel well with a couple of snowmobiles. Avoiding quarrels is easy by switching drivers
  • You can head out alone, too, but it’s not the same without other people: happiness is best shared


You should try it!

Taking part in a guided tour is the best way to start your snowmobiling career. A plethora of companies all over Finland provide guided tours ranging from two-hour-trips to safaris that span over several days. Professional guides make sure everything runs safely and surely and drivers can focus on the essential – having fun.

Safety is an issue that is never to be taken lightly when operating a snowmobile. Helmets must be worn at all times and sufficient safe distances kept between drivers. Put extra consideration into clothing, as it might get cold after a while. Dress well – and we’re not talking stylish here – tuck your shirts into your trousers, gloves into sleeves, and zip your fleece, jacket and trousers all the way up.


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Despite it being a wild and fun outdoor activity, there are traffic rules to snowmobiling. To preserve nature, legal trails are marked with signs while private land is a no-go unless approved by the landowner. The speed limit on trails, bogs and in forests is 60 kilometres per hour, and 80 when driving on ice.

Snowmobiling is a lot more physically demanding than most expect, since ground features are often far from smooth and require constant knee flexing as well as balancing with the upper body.


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